Healthy Toddler Meals Delivered to Ryde

At TumsUp we’re all about providing toddlers with the most nutritious and delicious food possible to help them grow up healthy and strong. Our meals are planned by our highly-experienced dietician James Bray, so your meals are guaranteed to be full of goodness. Knowledgeable about restricted diets and cookbook consultant, James being on on-board makes our meals that much better!

If you are living in the Ryde area, we make our service even better by providing delivery. No more stressing at dinner time required!

Delicious meals for growing children

The meals we serve to you today are the result of lots of taste testing and nutritional sessions. We’ve experimented with dozens of ingredient combinations tried by hungry toddlers, which has resulted in the meals we make today. This means that when you serve your children our yummy meals, they’re getting only the very best.

Making our foods easily digestible is another way we like to ensure that small children will never have a problem eating what we make – delicious food is no fun if it’s hard to digest!

Find out more about our healthy meals for children

We make our toddler meals even more convenient by delivering them right to you in the Ryde area. No more late nights hovering over a hot stove! If you enjoy the meals we make, we also make it easy for you to recommend us to other hungry mouths with our gift vouchers.

If you have any queries for TumsUp, our range of meals or anything else, we’d absolutely love to hear from you. You can send us a message with our online form, or you can have a chat to one of our helpful staff on (02) 9904 8026. We look forward to making a positive difference with your little one!